About why I’m here

This is a page to help in anyway I can, I’m a BIRTHFATHER who’s recently connected with his daughter December 7th I found out. Was without description of how I felt when I found out. 2016 a year I will never be the same. The greatest gift someone could have, I had gave her up. With that not being enough I’ve lost her once again due to my emotions which took over. I want to help. I don’t want to just ignore we have no help. I just hope that one day someone will find this before you get to this point.

To loose my child twice has been so trying to my faith my emotions. My belief in myself has been tested to all ends. Each day begins with the hope. I will never give up but, just head down focus on yourself.

Set boundaries !!! No matter how hard at first you are wanting to fill in what you missed believe in patience