Finding the right support, somewhat like a sponsor you could say. I won’t lie it’s very difficult to adjust to everything and understanding even the basic things can be difficult. You may find that some support groups or online support groups may not answer your questions in difficult times. So keeping that in mind, the positive things are the contact may have become less but the history as some say has begun.

Now again, patience and letting them come to you when they are ready. Finding the help and support you need for the times that seem to become most difficult for you. They have the support they need already keep in mind they are more prepared for this.

Now to work on the help we need to adjust to everything and begin to learn what it is that both need for a healthy relationship of trust and understanding.

My process is only beginning in the next part of this. The years of waiting and wondering are now over. The hard part now is learning how to become the person that they can have trust in. Or begin to build on a relationship. It’s a slow process and can become very difficult without help.

I’ve been told that I was not in a position to give advice. I’m not giving advice, I’m only going thru this so that you have something. With such little information out here for us to read and what there is I just believe that this can be helpful in someway.

For myself I find this helpful to myself. Each one of our stories will have their own hurdles but these are mine that I will share. In hopes that it is beneficial to someone.

The only advice I give is it takes time and patience.

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