Moments and Time



Up moments and down moments the constant up and down can test your belief. Some downs are harder to get up from than others, but keep one thing in mind that moments are what will get you over your next down. Those moments that made you appreciate the next day to come. Take those moments and believe that time will begin to become normal for you.

Time and patience, being an impatient person myself it’s a struggle some days to overcome. But patience is what is needed most of all, I’ve found it difficult to not want to still hold onto that communication we shared. Finding myself looking back I remind myself there is only ahead now and no back. So thinking about the moments are what helps me manage, those shared moments of happiness. Having more time to reflect on those moments and know that those are the moments that are remembered.

And remember to breath and slow down *Note to self

There still understanding themselves as well as we are. Also remember that they are more prepared for this then we are, so if there needing that space then they may see something that we don’t.

I have been working on myself last few days, confronting some obstacles that I have been trying to overcome in my life. So to balance my emotions and to stay focused on those issues I may have to keep my thoughts separated as well.

Remember that we are still a part of them and that will not change. Each of us will have obstacles and down moments but what is important is that they are able to now take this information and begin to put their life in order.

We are trying the best we can, we love them we care about them. Hold onto the moments and time that you have shared in the reconnection and now time is in control.

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