Statistics good luck.



Well tonight it took a down turn on statistics so to speak. Today was kind of a good day when I was messaged back by two that  I had reached out to in my searches. One will add my blog to their site hooray…. Hoping maybe that will help. But I was also asked to possibly write something for a book a chapter. That’s inspiring to me to hear that but I’m not a writer. I’m a BIRTHFATHER who is searching for help. And to make people aware that all fathers are the same inside.

But the reason for statistics I was going to do some more research on birthfathers and looked up statistics for birthfathers just to see what would appear in the wonderful world of the web. And once again birthmother stats was more what came up. So frustrated once more I glanced thru more of the search pages and one caught my eye.

Reading it I saw no mention of BIRTHFATHER and the article was on BIRTHPARENTS  how can you call it parents if you insist on leaving out the father. I just want to pull what hair I have left out!!!

Im struggling with what most people would think are basic things. But am I doing it right am I just not understanding. I try to be myself and it doesn’t work. I am trying to do my best that’s all I can do that’s all I have. I can’t evolve overnight and understand my roll or my label. Or understand what I’m supposed to feel.

Im told that it is there court there in control. It is I respect that and I will always respect that choice that they make. But as a BIRTHFATHER I just want to be heard. I want people to quit labeling us as deadbeats or disposable ERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

we are not emotionless we are not all a bad person. We may have been then but do we hold on to that persons past or allow them to become better themselves overtime. Is it not possible that we are never to change who we were at a point in our lives we were lost and didn’t know nothing but to make sure our child would be safe.

Can we not be just a unknown statistic or unknown.

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